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Engineering Internship Co-op Project Assistant - Victoria BC (4 month term)

About the Company

Campbell Construction Ltd. is over 50 years old and the largest general contractor on the Island. We are a union company and have over 300 employees and specialize in concrete formwork, placing and finishing, wood framing and have our own millwork shop. At Campbell Construction we’re constantly pushing the limits - propelling ourselves toward bigger and better opportunities, while exploring new market sectors and services. So it only seems natural that we'd hire people who have their own voice and aren't afraid to use it. They follow a path of continuous learning with an innovative spirit that leads them to be recognized as leaders in the industry. We hire these types of people knowing they are as diverse as we are, and they come on board because they share our core values. Then we simply give them the freedom to take their career (and Campbell Construction) further.

Picture the Possibilities

You come into work every day knowing that you are a key leader in building new and exciting projects throughout Victoria. It’s a lot of pressure sometimes, but you enjoy being challenged and leading the team to successful project completion. Your co-workers look to you for answers and as a manager you have the freedom to excel. When you walk down the street, you look at major projects and think “I know how that came together”.

Qualifications Responsibilities Recommendations and experiences from past UVic Engineering Students

Please email info@campbellconstruction.ca . All applications will be held in strict confidence and must include a cover letter, resume, references and university/college transcripts.

NOTE - Cover letter must be less than 200 words in 12pt arial font with 1" boarders, we would like to see that people have read the posting and have concise professional business writing skills!  Resumes that do not include all required information (transcripts, cover letter, resume, and references) will not be considered.

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